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Our Story

The Power of a Dream

One day a simple question was asked of our Executive Director, Mary Ann Griffith. “If you could do anything, what would it be?”. This is the question that launched Haven Counseling. Her response was “I would start a counseling center that was committed to providing excellent counseling regardless of someone’s resources.” The journey from that answer to where we are today is remarkable. With the generosity of a few people, Haven was born and from the beginning the vision was to be a Haven for those with mental health needs. Our first office was at 129 Commercial Drive in Yorkville, but not for long. Again, God used individuals to generously provide Haven with a permanent location at 691 N Bridge St. These individuals took a dream and made it a reality. With the commitment of our Executive Director and the Board of Directors, Haven Counseling has been able to raise over $120,000 over the last two years to provide scholarships for those in need of mental health services. The Mission and Vision of Haven Counseling has just begun. The dream is to be a light in the community and impact the lives of those around us. You too can be apart of that with our “Pay it Forward” model, each person that has the resources to pay for counseling, a portion of their payments goes to providing a scholarship for an under-resourced or underserved individual or family in need of counseling. Be a part of the dream, change the community you live in. You won’t regret it